2S Rolloff Service: Surviving Disaster to Flourish in Southeast Texas and Beyond

2S Roll-Off Services in Beaumont is a locally owned and operated business that offers dumpsters, containers, portable toilets and portable handwashing stations for jobs large and small. Michelle Stacey Sjodin and Rob Sjodin got their business up and running just before Hurricane Harvey hit and continued to serve Southeast Texas’ needs in the debris-ridden aftermath in spite of flooding at their office. Rob, Michelle and their small 2S crew delivered dumpsters where needed when other companies weren’t even answering their phones.

“Harvey wasn’t easy,” Michelle recalled. “We had to leverage everything and borrow. We really went all out and all in. That was what was needed at the time. Really, even some of the big guys, like Republic, were not responding at the time at all. I mean, they were flooded. We were too, but we stayed open 30-something days straight. We worked out of a flooded office and just did it – mobile.”

Their hard work has paid off, and the company has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings. What started off as a small dumpster business flourished as the company owners branched out to offer additional services and package deals with their new products.

“We are always evolving our business to meet the needs of the community,” shared Michelle. “We have dumpsters, and storage containers too, like the CONEX boxes or sea containers.”

Michelle explained that many contractors have the storage containers or a dumpster on site and, especially when they are working on new construction or when the building they’re working on isn’t open, they also need a toilet on site.

“We decided we needed to be able to offer that whole package for a one-stop-shop where contractors can call and get everything they need from one server. So, we started buying the portable toilets about six months ago, and with that comes the need for a handwashing station. If you have a portable toilet on site, you want to be able to wash your hands. Obviously, that’s been our focus in the last couple of weeks – obtaining more of those, getting them set up and getting the supplies that go with it, which has been a huge challenge.

“We started with 10 15-yard roll-off boxes, and we’ve grown to over 250 dumpsters combined. But, with the containers, the toilets and the handwash stations, we’re almost at 500 items. We just bought 100 handwashing stations this week.”

Michelle said 2S works with a lot of medical providers who believe in the company’s reputation for reliability, and she suggested that precautions being taken across the nation during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could necessitate outdoor options for local facilities.

“Medical providers are overwhelmed, and they are looking outside their facilities, maybe for testing,” she described. “We’re looking at trying to come up with unique solutions for them for problems that may not have arisen yet.

“We expect there may be a demand for medical staff to expand to temporary spaces outside of facilities and therefore want to do what we can to provide readily available handwashing options to them. So, we have a pretty unique solution that we’ve come up with that we’re going to unveil soon. We’ve put together a multi-station, on-site unit that we hope to use in supporting our medical facilities efforts to respond to the increased number of screenings. We have a good prototype that we’ve done. It’s pretty awesome.”

The prototype container is a perfect storage option for medical providers because they can store equipment or backup supplies on site and there are handwashing stations built in every six feet. That means users can maintain social distancing while taking the No. 1 precautionary measure currently being recommended by doctors to prevent COVID-19: washing their hands.

While the prototypes will only initially be offered on a limited basis, handwashing stations, portable toilets with attached handwashing stations, dumpsters and containers 2S Roll-Off has in inventory are available for rent to all their clients.

Unlike when dealing with internet companies with automated call lines and out-of-state staff, 2S clients can generally find Michelle and Rob hard at work alongside their team. The couple lives in Beaumont and invested in the area because they love their community.

“We’re not Republic or Waste Management, which are obviously the big guys, but we live and work here. This is our community. This is our company.

“We moved out here with our sign business probably 15 years ago doing sign projects. That was a mobile operation that kept us on projects all over the country, but this became our home. We became rooted here, and we wanted to stay, live, work here. That’s why we built our business here. We’re here every day, and we know what is happening with our service every day. That helps keep things streamlined.”

As the business has grown, so has the number of staff working at 2S Roll-Off. Michelle and Rob intend to keep their employees working through the COVID-19 crisis and are taking steps to keep them as safe as possible.

“It’s really important to us to keep our people working,” said Michelle. “We’re trying to figure out unique ways to rotate our schedule and keep them working outside of the office, working remotely or staggering our schedules. It’s mostly truck drivers, and they want to continue working as long as we can keep them working.

“We have an excellent team of incredible people, our staff and our partner staff, who make this happen. It’s not just me and Rob, but we are very involved owners every day.”

2S Roll-Off Services is located at 5470 Hagner Road in Beaumont, and the office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The business phone number is (409) 924-9212 with 24-hour service. For more information, you can also email: info@2sbox.com.

Courtesy Sharon Brooks, The Examiner, Beaumont