Storage Containers

Whether you need short-term or long-term rental or you’d like to buy your own storage container, we have you covered.

Storage Containers For Rent

We currently offer Storage Containers at our Beaumont, Texas office. Click image for a larger product photo.
 Size(LxWxH)Rental Pricing
20-Foot Storage Container(20'x8'x8.5')$120 per 28 Days
$250 Delivery Fee
$250 Pickup Fee
40-Foot Storage Container(40'x8'x9'6")SOLD OUT
as of Jan 2021

  • Applicable tax to all rates based on location.
  • Trips over 25 miles are an extra charge, please call for a price based on location.
  • A 3% surcharge will apply to all orders that require transportation and/or disposal.
  • Prices are based on a 28-day billing cycle.
  • Prices and rental period subject to change.

Storage Containers For Sale

We currently offer 20-foot Storage Containers for sale at our Beaumont, Texas office. Click image for larger product photo.
 Size(LxWxH)For Sale
20-Foot Storage Container(20'x8'x8.5')CALL FOR PRICE
40-Foot High Cube Storage Container(40'x8'x9'6")SOLD OUT
as of Jan 2021

What is the difference between a Storage Container, a Shipping Container and Sea Container?

Good question. They are all storage containers but go by many different names like Shipping Containers, Conex Boxes, C-Containers, Sea Containers, Jobsite Boxes, Mobile Minis, Safety Boxes, Safe-T Boxes, and others. They all refer to a heavy duty, weather proof, industrial strength steel box used for shipping and storing things.

Service Area

Current coverage areas Southeast Texas and The Golden Triangle, including Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Chambers and Galveston Counties.

Call (409) 924-9212 M-F (8-5) with 24-hour answering service

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