We Live and Work in Southeast Texas

We are a real Southeast Texas company with real inventory. Don’t deal with a middleman, deal with a local company.
  • Our Address: 5470 Hagner Road, Beaumont, TX 77705
  • Our Phone Number: 409-924-9212
  • Our owners are Beaumont residents and own and operate several successful businesses here. Their children go to school here and they care about this community.

Don’t Get Fooled Into Doing Business With a Virtual Dumpster Company

What is a virtual dumpster company?

  • There are hundreds of them advertising on the Internet and you have no idea who they really are.
  • They have no product
  • They are just brokers, collecting a commission. They may be in New York or Mumbai, India.
  • They will have “Beaumont” and other local cities on their pages but they will not have a local address — look for it – you cannot find it.
  • They will not be here if there is a problem
  • You can’t hold them accountable

Community Involvement

Community Involvement – Some of the organizations 2S supports or is involved with in our local community: