We Live and Work in Southeast Texas

We are a real Southeast Texas company with real inventory. Don’t deal with a middleman, deal with a local company.

Don’t Get Fooled Into Doing Business With a Virtual Dumpster Company

What is a virtual dumpster company?

  • There are hundreds of them advertising on the Internet and you have no idea who they really are.
  • They have no product
  • They are just brokers, collecting a commission. They may be in New York or Mumbai, India.
  • They will have “Beaumont” and other local cities on their pages but they will not have a local address — look for it – you cannot find it.
  • They will not be here if there is a problem
  • You can’t hold them accountable

Community Involvement

Community Involvement – Some of the organizations 2S supports or is involved with in our local community: